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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 21, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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understanding money and everything you need to know. if you stay connected to us 24/7 on twitter my handle i is @alivelshi. have a great weekend. you're in the cnn newsroom where the news unfolds live this saturday, january 21, 2012. south carolina's primary is under way and it is seen as a potential game changer. there are signs the game could be changing. an american research group poll out today shows newt gingrich surging ahead of mitt romney. 40% of south carolina's likely primary voters according to this poll say they would vote for gingrich. romney falls behind to just 26%. mid-week gingrich and romney
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were in a dead heat. south carolina is a big state but somehow this morning both gingrich and romney campaigned at the same greenville restaurant at the same time. but romney avoid ad showdown by arriving 45 minutes early and leaving just minutes before gingrich actually showed up. stay right here we'll have a live report from south carolina in a moment. also this morning firefighters contained a 3,000 acre wildfire burning near reno, nevada. flames destroyed nearly 30 houses. about 10,000 people had to leave their homes but evacuation orders were lift ad couple of hours ago. investigators think they know what caused the fire. they say a man came forward yesterday admitting that he improperly discarded fireplace ashes. now to italy where a 12th body was found in the cruise ship disaster. 20 people are still missing. there are also growing concerns
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about the environmental threat posed by the wreck. right now italian officials say they can't predict how long it will take to clear the wreckage once the search end. they say no fuel oil has leak sod far. now let's get back to the south carolina republican primary and the new poll that gives newt gingrich a commanding lead over mitt romney. here's how the numbers have changed in just the last couple of days. today gingrich has a 14 point lead over romney. mid-week they were in a tie separated by just one point. let's bring in cnn's don lemon who is in lexington, south carolina. so far the weather is holding out, right? pretty interesting week in politics? oh, maybe not. okay. >> reporter: maybe not. >> i wonder if, you know, the voters are expressing to you in any way whether they are being influenced by this most recent
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polling information. >> reporter: we spoke to bobbie last hour. she was great. the people here are so honest and so real. it's refreshing to be here and like spend time on the ground with them. weather is holding out. right now i want to show you this. we have a little bit of a break. look at that sky. look at that sky. cloud. even behind us. i know it's dark back there. look how dark is that. look at those clouds. the sky is really ominous. it was coming down a little bit. i went out to the car for a break a minute ago. and i couldn't get back in because it was raining so much. so that's outside. >> we don't want you to melt. >> reporter: no, no, no. it's raining so much i couldn't get back in. i don't worry about melting. i'll show you around real quick. this is the ballot you see when you come in. look whose still on the ballot,
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michele bachmann,. jon huntsman, ron paul, rick perry is still on the ballot, mitt romney and rick santorum. when you walk over here you see here okay herman cain, jon huntsman, rick perry suspended their campaigns. then rick perry same thing. then, of course no concealed weapons allowed. there was one guy this morning who said he was going quail hunting. don't bring any weapons in. listen. it's weird, fred, because at different times you'll come in and no one will be in here. then all of a sudden 20rks 30 people will show up. you get two lines and you go around here. get the information. then you go over to the official voting booth and there you go. hello, guys. mr. otis, his wife. he's been running this for 20 years. turn out has been good? over 500 people.
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over 500 folks so far. by the time this place close at 7:00, fred, at 7:00 they think they will have 1,000 folks and then right after that i'm going get meet big bertha. >> who is big bertha? >> reporter: she counts the absentee ballots. they feed her with paper and she counts those ballots. polls close at 7:00 and we'll be here until they count all the votes. you're right we've been hearing a lot, newt gingrich that's what we've been hearing on the ground even from women, even from bobbie. >> big bertha, it's not a she it's an it. a machine that's counting? >> reporter: the commissioner came by. one of the commissioners came by and said i nicknamed her big bertha. she just likes to call her big bertha. usually in the south big bertha is a gun. i don't mean that big bertha.
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but i want to meet the machine big bertha. >> don, thanks for introducing us to new ducultural experience. taking the pulse of the voters. dana bash is among them and in charleston. so, how is the turnout there, dana? >> reporter: you know what it's not so good here in charleston. you see behind me this is actually these two individuals just walked up moments ago before. so far there were 122 people who voted. now 124. which the folks here who run this polling station say that's low. that's low compared to years past. there's about 1400 registered voters in this area but they don't break it down by party so we're not sure how many are republicans or democrats but that's one thing that is important-foot out about south carolina and about today's primary you don't have to be republican to vote. i ran into somebody who said she's a democrat, she came in
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and voted for memorabilia not to make mischief as we see in republican pry hears but she said if a republican end up winning she wants it to be him. this area in particular, and fred i don't need to tell enthusiast, this is tends to be more moderate when it comes to republicans. this is where mitt romney needs to do well and get those votes up if he'll do well here in the state overall. we're definitely hearing a mixed bag from folks coming in here. some for mitt romney, some for ron paul, but definitely a lot for newt gingrich. people who point blank said that they weren't sure they would vote for him but they decided to vote for him after they watched cnn's debate the other night. one more thing. you said it was your old stomping ground. i'm not making this up. just a few minutes ago we met your former producer. >> really? >> reporter: she said to say hello. she runs this building. >> i love it.
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>> reporter: they miss you here. >> i miss charleston. it's an incredible resort community. it's also one made up of great military personnel, retired military. >> reporter: absolutely. >> as well as retired military business community as well. incredible voting bloc. fortunately i'm still pretty close being in atlanta. i can get to charleston quite easily. dana, thanks so much. held dwro the buddies there in charleston. to say the situation of this big primary day that it's fluid is quite the understatement. many will be making up their mind only moments before casting their ballot. cnn senior political analyst ron brownstein is in charleston as well. ron paul says he's neck in neck with newt gingrich. polling says otherwise.
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there's quite a gap between gingrich and romney. gingrich is way out in front. >> reporter: the formula that has worked for mitt romney through the first two contests has been divide and conquer. he consolidated the center of the party behind him more than anybody consolidated the right of the party against him. what you're seeing here in south carolina is the beginning of that changing, especially as the field gets smaller. gingrich's opportunity here is to coalesce more of the evangelical tea party and blue collar vote that has been much more resistant to romney in the first two states. if gingrich wins tonight we would have an unprecedented scenario. different winners in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. >> this is a pivotal state. it was before we saw this neck and neck race historically looking at how south carolina traditionally might pick that
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republican nominee. nuclear program that you've got, you know, this horse race between romney and gingrich, let's talk about how this sets up the florida primary. how influential would the outcome of the south carolina primary be? >> i think could it be substantially influential. as you noted in a previous five contested republican races under the modern calendar since 1980 we had the same pattern. one candidate one iowa, second won new hampshire, another won the south carolina. now there's more fragmentation. if gingrich does win here particularly after the allegations that buffeted him this week, you would see more coalescing among the conservatives towards him. i think even though santorum was certified as the winner of the iowa he's further marginalized. that gives gingrich a lot of momentum. even before the south carolina result, gingrich expected the
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same movement towards gingrich in south carolina in florida. now romney still has a lot of advantages. it's an expensive state. momentum matters a lot in presidential primary contests. it is like bill lards. each shot changes each subsequent shot. if gingrich wins here his shot looks more attractive. >> gingrich has not won a race. if he does well and clinches south carolina or comes in a strong second, does this offer assurances that this primary season will be elongated a bit. some thought after florida the nomination would be clinched by january 31st. >> first of all, you often say watch what they do not what they say. the fact that mitt romney confirmed two debates for next week indicates that he's not confident about the results tonight. early they are week they thought they might be able to deliver a knock out blow in florida and
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basically at that point say we're turning our attention to president obama. i think if gingrich doesn't win in south carolina, it is difficult to mount a full scale campaign. he would argue even if he doesn't win if the combined vote for him and santorum exceeds romney it is well for him to consolidate that vote. he has limited resources and without the boost from south carolina it's hard for me to see how he gets past romney in florida. if he does get a boost out of here, does win florida, does consolidate the right then we could have a race that goes on for quite a while. the party is pretty well divided between a managerial side, less populace and more populace down scale conservative side and that latter group of the party is resistant to romney. they haven't been able to yunif
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behind one candidate. >> stay with cnn all day with coverage from south carolina. tonight we got the results. tune in at 7:00 p.m. eastern time for our special coverage of the winners and losers of the south carolina primary. so no matter who wins the south carolina primary our candy crowley will talk to two of the contenders. newt gingrich and rick santorum are guests on the state of the union tomorrow morning. hard to believe that valentine's day is right around the corner and millions of americans will be spending money on chocolate. but did you know that chocolate could be made by way of child labor? >> this is trafficking a child being trafficked, a child being forced to work? it doesn't get worse than that. it can't be just about are there enough of them. it's a serious abuse.
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others. opposition group blames president bashar all assad's government. yemen's president has been granted complete immunity from prosecution. in return he'll step down next month after more than 33 years in power. opposition human rights groups say he's behind the deaths of hundreds of unarmed protesters and calls today's move by parliament a violation of international law. and the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan and pakistan, mark grossman is in the region right now. he met with afghan president karzai today to talk peace. they have another meeting planned for tomorrow. imagine supporting child slavery and not being aware that you're doing it. you could be doing that when you eat chocolate. the u.s. state department says more than 100,000 children are involved in the worst forms of child labor in africa. cnn richard quest has this very
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disturbing story. >> reporter: there's a dark connection between the chocolate we enjoy and the child slavery in west africa. researchers have documented disturbing signs of forced labor and trafficking. children held against their will, many never paid. ivory coast is the world's largest producer of could. the u.s. state department estimates there are more than 100,000 children involved in the worst forms of child labor. on cocoa farms throughout the country. >> this is trafficking. a child being trafficked, a child being forced to work. it doesn't get worse than that. i don't think -- it can't be just about are there enough of them. it's a serious abuse. >> reporter: according to an industry wide agreement, signed on september the 19th, 2001, this should not be the case. the harkened protocol was
2:19 pm
written to put an end to forced child labor in chocolate by 2005. that deadline had to be extended to 2008. and again 2010. it's now been more than ten years. >> if these companies aren't willing to come forward and work with us and put some more money forward to get these kids out of the cocoa fields, i think they may face a really big backlash. >> reporter: kevin bales with free the slaves signed the protocol in 2001 along with leading companies in the cocoa market. >> i am disappointed and to a large part it's a resource question. it's all about the fact that while several million dollars a year are moving from the chocolate industry to work on the ground in west africa it's not enough to meet the siftz problem. >> reporter: cnn has spoken to the top chocolate and cocoa companies. inviting them to be on our air. either declined or did not
2:20 pm
respond. those that did passed us along to the international cocoa initiative. the ici was set up by the protocol to bring all parties together to address the worst forms of child labor in the supply chain. >> the progress isn't enough and that's why we've joined force with other partners to this new framework of action and we really believe we have to accelerate action, we have to do more and we have very challenging goal that we're all supporting. >> reporter: the goal now is to reduce the worst forms of child labor within the next eight years by 70%. however, international labor rights forum sees flaws within the cocoa initiative. >> the idea that companies can join an initiative and sit behind that initiative i don't think answers the real question. it's not the same as getting companies to step forward and
2:21 pm
transparentally say this is what we're doing. >> reporter: richard quest, cnn, london. for more information on this story you can check out for in depth coverage.
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keeping active is a good way to stay healthy. doctors say when people remain
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sedentary they can develop a number of problems. now a study finds that inactivity especially in women can lead to a dangerous blood clots in the lungs. here's elizabeth cohen with today's health for her. >> reporter: need another reason to get going? a recent study published in the british medical journal found women who were active had a much lower risk of developing pulmonary embolisms. >> the way you get a blood clot is because of lack of blood or blood moving slowly. >> reporter: the study looked at 70,000 women enrolled in a study and followed them for 18 years. researchers measured inactivity by how many hours per week the subject spent sitting, the high being 41 hours, the most active members spending 10 hours or less. the risk of developing pulmonary embolism was more than double in those sedentary and weight had
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nothing had to do with the risk. >> they were able to see just being sedentary increased their risk. >> reporter: the best thing to do is to move at least a couple of hours a day. if you sit at a desk get up for a quick few walks around the office. with this week's health for her i'm elizabeth cohen. a key question in a los angeles murder mystery. has now been answered. police have identified the severed head found near the famous hollywood sign. but there's still a lot investigators don't know about this very bizarre crime. [ female announcer ] investing for yourself
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. checking your top stories. los angeles police have identified the body whose severed head, hands and feet were found near the famous hollywood sign. the victim was a 66-year-old l.a. man. they don't know why he was killed or where. police are warning hikers not to walk the trails through the hollywood hills alone.
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an ohio father is accused of taping up his daughter with duct tape and then locking her in a dog cage twice. he's been charged with child endangerment. police say the man did it as a way of disciplining his daughter. the man's lawyer called the whole thing quota joke that got out of control. the lawyer also says the man's 13-year-old son posted pictures of the incident on facebook. and some of the biggest names in music are paying tribute to legendary singer etta james. the 73-year-old died yesterday due to complications of leukemia. she was best known for her 1960 hit "at last." mariah carey kills a james one of the most influential singers. and there will be no more shading for william shatner's negotiator. the character will be, i hate to say this, i don't want to say
2:30 pm
he'll be eliminated in a fiery bus crash, not that that's very nice in a commercial set to air on monday. terrible. but it takes more than that to take down the man also known as captain kirk and t.j. hooker. a company spokesman said they only killed off the negotiator. william shatner is still under contract. now i'm confused. i don't know. everyone loves william shatner. jacqui jeras both of us were like what? no it can't be. >> won't be the same. ♪ priceline you have rain, lightning? incredible delusions. >> so many major weather stories today it's incredible. we'll start out with the severe weather threat. there you can see we have tornado watches in effect across parts of georgia and into south carolina. yeah the primary is going on today and we're watching what's going on.
2:31 pm
we're concerned about thunderstorms moving through the columbia area right now and it's setting up to be potentially a training situation where storm after storm after storm moves on through and can dump some heavy rain. as this line moves through atlanta, georgia it put down between two to three and a half inches of rain in a short period of time. >> i saw those puddles. >> it was a nightmare on my drive in. it was terrible. so be aware of those threats. now in the northern side of this system we're dealing with wintry weather. starting to die down for you in new york city as well as on up towards boston but heavy on the cape and long island and also see that in parts of connecticut. travel delays, of course, nightmare. whenever you deal with these kinds of situations. an hour in atlanta. delays in philadelphia as well as laguardia. we'll continue to track those delays as they continue, we think throughout much of the day. that severe weather threat continuing in to the evening too by the way, the watch in effect until 8:00 tonight and this could stretch into north carolina later on today.
2:32 pm
now the west. that's our next big animal we're dealing with. our storm system has been dumping heavy snow, in the last week parts of the cascades between 2 1/2 and 6 1/2 feet. feet of snow. avalanche warnings in effect. there's bean lot of flooding as well into the valley areas. take a look at these pictures. dozens of roads are closed. major situation unfolding here and storms still continue to stay lined up out to the west. next storm arrives late tomorrow. so be aware. this is going to be an ugly weekend for both coasts of the weekend. >> different view of our winter thus far. thanks so much. whether there's big rain or not the polls in south carolina close in about 4 1/2 hours. how important is today's vote. the south carolina primary has picked the eventual nominee
2:33 pm
since 1980. ron bungy and ed esposito. the latest arg poll we've been looking at that all morning long aempb putting newt gingrich way ahead of mitt romney by about 14 points so ed you first. if gingrich does win today, or maybe even come in a close second, how might that reshape the race overall? the race for the nomination in your view? >> you know, we hear this a lot in sports, but i think it applies today in south carolina as well. you hear people talk about a statement win. this is a statement win for gingrich if he pulls it off because there's a couple of things here. south carolina is the last chance for all these other candidates to really make their point. because after this state, the campaign trail gets a lot more expensive. florida's got a lot of big media markets. very expensive to buy tv time
2:34 pm
there. after florida a lot of the states after that are either heavily mormon, arizona and nevada come to mind or you have multiple primaries on the same day. these things don't go in favor of a multicandidate field against romney. this is the last chance for somebody emerge as a clear front-runner. if gingrich can do it, he'll have a lot left in him after today. >> ron, you see at any time same way? last chance to emerge if not win? >> well in florida being critical for gingrich. no one thought that going into south carolina that he would be this far ahead of mitt romney. it's bean roller coaster. now we have tornado watches in the state. who knew about that. in florida, i think mitt romney has the organization and the funding. so we'll have to see if conservatives really coalesce around gingrich. you still have santorum out there battling ron paul for third place and santorum could play a little bit in florida but it will take money and organization for the long haul and that's something newt
2:35 pm
gingrich doesn't have just yet. >> but placing a really strong second or a first would help with that money. i mean he's been able to benefit from the super p.a.c.s which have been flooding south carolina even florida with some powerful ads. would that make a difference? >> are we talking about gingrich here? >> yeah. >> yeah. okay. so the irony here is the guy who complained the most about super p.a.c.s in the first two primaries are benefiting the most in the third primary. he benefits from that. coming in, he's a first place, absolutely will help him. a strong second helps as well. this may be more about the other candidates than it is about romney. we can assume that romney has enough money and got enough organization to go the distance in this campaign. the question is who is going to be the alternative to him? who are the conservatives going to coalesce around and who can become the alternate. with santorum and gingrich
2:36 pm
pulling from the same voters one of them has to pull way from the pack in south carolina to become that clear alternative and then we have what becomes a two, two and a half man race. >> this has been extraordinary in south carolina because it was just days ago that many people were talking about rick santorum and newt gingrich splitting that conservative vote and now the discussion is look at this race, what appears right now to be a two man race between mitt romney and newt gingrich. so what about that conservative voting bloc in south carolina? and whether it is, indeed split feels like it's got to choose between a rick santorum or a newt gingrich or does it appear as though most are gravitating towards one of the two. >> it looks most of them are gravitating towards newt gingrich and not rick santorum. he has the most momentum especially going into the week here. i mean, with mitt romney, it felt like my green bay packers. they fumbled the ball early on
2:37 pm
when we were talking about his taxes and i think that was his biggest liability. he has toing straighten that answer out and talk about why he's successful and not run from it. newt gingrich on the other hand has a huge problem. i think his problem is he has wild swings. right now he's swinging way up because he's on a ride. he comes crashing down because he can't help himself. his own words seem to be his own best enemy here. so going into florida, i think it's going to be, you know, behoove gingrich to stay disciplined with a consistent message. for mitt romney he'll have to straighten out the personal finances answer. have a clear concise reason why he's successful. >> i'll let you talk about this. the low country of south carolina, most conservative portion of that electorate is northwest but how do you suppose
2:38 pm
that midland section and low country area may be influenced by this recent polling if at all? >> well, with all of this -- this is what it boils down to is that mitt romney is a good general election candidate because he tends to have a broad, people perceive him as somebody who has broad appeal. now, any republican primary that's hard to do because you've got to get past these conservative voters whether they are the ones in the low country or middle of the state. you've got to find a way to appeal to them to get to the nomination. this is a challenge that romney has had throughout the primaries. up through now the more candidates there are in the race the better it is for him because he can win these primaries with 37% and 35%. now, in a case like this where there's only two or three other guys left in the race that becomes harder for him to do. so the question now is, do conservatives decide to settle for romney or do they decide to make a statement and go for
2:39 pm
somebody else? we don't know the answer to that but we're about to find out. >> we sure are. ed, ron, thanks so much to you gentlemen. good to see you. of course opportunity sure to stick with cnn all day and into the evening for our coverage of the south carolina primary. of course we have results this evening. tune in at 7:00 p.m. for our special political coverage of the winners and losers of this south carolina primary. you bet! phillips' caplets use magnesium. works more naturally than stimulant laxatives... for gentle relief of occasional constipation. can i get an autograph? [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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. overlooked in history the tuskegee airmen they struggled to fight for segregated country in world war ii. that struggle lasted decades. not just for the airmen but also for those who wanted to tell their story on the big screen. george lucas says hollywood refused to fund his black cast, so what did he do? he paid for it himself. >> ha-ha. >> congratulations captain. you're the first negro to shoot down. >> we caught up with one airman
2:43 pm
who saw the movie for the first time. >> i entered the service the 17th of february, 1942. i was only 17 years old. they told me that you only going for 30 days. it was the longest 30 days in my life because i spent three years over there. i traveled all over europe. for three years, three months and 19 days to be exact. never will forget. my name is earl martin master sergeant. i retired with over 4,105 flying hours. >> they never lost a bomber. >> my name is elijah kelly and i play george in the movie. >> come on. flip just a little. >> since the early 1940s, their
2:44 pm
story has been overlooked. not in our curriculum. people don't learn about them. so it's a travesty that has to be done this way. the great thing, it's being done. >> congratulations, captain. you are the first negro to shoot down a jarrett. >> nice to meet you sir. >> we want this first and foremost be super successful. you don't get into this business to not want or have those aspirations, but to know you're portraying someone that lived what you did. you have to get it right. >> this one here is out of sight. this is more like the real thing, you know. it looked like you're sitting in the cockpit and it's coming right at you. you know, i know when i saw it i ducked. >> we have a right to fight for our country the same as every other american. we will not go away. >> i'm happy, appreciative of
2:45 pm
what we getting now that i think that we deserve. >> that's the most amazing review. like forget what ebert and roeper say. for them to say you did us justice. >> the last minute, last bullet, to the last man we fight. >> we fight. we fight. we fight. among the airmen who say the movie "red tails" nailed it 92-year-old pilot bob friend. face to face he reveals one reason why he flew so many missions. 142. do you have a nickname? >> yes, i had one. >> what was it? >> beaver. >> for? >> they said i was always into everything. so sort of eager beaver. >> later pilot bob friend
2:46 pm
explains they all worked hard to his words get it right. in a moment we're heading back to south carolina where a red hot republican primary is under way and we could see a new front-runner emerge from this pivotal race. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today.
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our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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we're going to get back to south carolina, primary voters there heading to the polls right now picking who they want to run against president obama in the fall. let's bring in our cnn political editor. paul steinhauser who is there in the rain because that serious stormfront is heading your way. i wonder if that will impact the turnout now? >> reporter: it might. it really could because this heavy rain this, thunder could keep people who may not have that much a strong desire to vote. i spoke one republican strategist his mother is 72 years old and lives here in south carolina and said you know what? she's pulling for romney but if it's raining she won't vote. we'll see how it impacts turnout and who it hurts more. let's talk about these polls you've been showing all day. this is the latest one. american research group. came out this morning. look at that. newt gingrich odds by 14 points
2:50 pm
over mitt romney according to this is your ray. ron paul at 1% and santorum at 13. the next number is interesting. this poll was conducted thursday and friday half before half after our explosive debate in charleston. look at the difference. they were basically all knotted up gingrich and romney. gingrich goes up seven points romney down six. according to this poll, other polls may show different things. every poll is indicating a surge for gingrich and a dip for romney. one other number. we've been talking about that story with gingrich and the open marriage. it's been a big story line. is that hurting him? not according to the arg poll. gingrich fares better with female voters better than male voters. >> wow. thanks so much. really interesting thumb nail sketch view of what's happening in south carolina. appreciate that. we'll check back with you
2:51 pm
throughout the afternoon. we'll have our special coverage this evening of this south carolina primary. you want to tune in for the results. our special coverage of the winners and losers in the south carolina primary, our coverage begins 6:00 p.m. eastern time. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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just in. there was a security alert under way near panama city, florida, specifically at the tyndall air force base. it's on lockdown. the public affairs officers there are telling us quote, we do have a security incident. we do not have the details on what that entails. that's all they are telling us right now. but it is on lockdown that air force base, tyndall air force base. when we get more information on that lockdown and what started that we'll bring that to you. meantime let's talk about airline ticket prices. they are about to go up. how you might benefit?
2:55 pm
reynolds wolf explains in this week's on the go. >> reporter: next week new airline rules go into effect and well immediately increase the advertised price for your next flight. >> when you see ticket prices going up that's good news. it has the inclusion of fees and taxes. now you'll 0 know in advance. >> reporter: the department of transportation is adding these rules. >> you have to know and have every advantage in knowing exactly what every charge is, what you're paying for, and what the bottom line will be. >> reporter: airlines will also be required to list the prices for all of their optional service from on board food and head phones to wi-fi. >> if they are going charge you for a bag they've disclose that. if they lose bag they have to reimburse you for the charges that they charged you.
2:56 pm
>> reporter: when you buy a ticket you have a day to cancel. >> within 24 hours as long as that ticket is one week out if you cancel without any penalty. >> apple is telling kids to forget about text books they have a new product that will make those overloaded backpacks a lot lighter. we'll tell you what it is. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. premier of the packed bag. you know organization is key... and so is having a trusted assistant. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above and still pay the mid-size price. here we are... [ male announcer ] and there you go, business pro. there you go. go national. go like a pro.
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you know about ipads. what about ibooks. >> reporter: apple unveiled its plans to revolutionize the way kids learn. >> i think you can see immediately these are gorgeous, gorgeous books. they are in a class by themselves. >> reporter: a batch of new initiatives including ibook 2, apple is trying to get schools and educators to shift from using heavy expensive outdated text books like you see


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